A Trilogy of True Tales

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With Flights of Fancy, Souls of Grace, a final collection of local but thoroughly universal stories from extraordinary lives, the trilogy of true tales from Richie's 40-plus year career in community journalism is complete.

"It's a gem!" - Bill Newman, WHMP

In 20-plus riveting stories from western Massachusetts, you'll discover how one Turners Falls entrepreneur, day by day, turned a dilapidated, vacant laundromat into a destination restaurant ... what a mother of two deaf daughters learns about a non-hearing galaxy of issues ... how a sculptor finds a world of lightness in the stone he carves ... where two time zones converge and residents find ways of coping ... how and why a sheep shearer turns to a traditional ways ... and how an aging concientious pacifist and a young West African woman remain committed to lives of social action.

A nearly 100-year-old woman shares her story of pioneering in alternative education and remaining a free spirit, an award-winning engraver recalls growing up with racism and a bullying brother in Tennessee, a Gospel-singing workshop leader inspires groups with lessons about her African-American legacy ...... and ways a restorative justice program gives young people and the communities they've hurt a chance to heal, even as veterans of domestic conflicts around the world help Americans think about ways to safeguard democracy in this country.

Plus, a far-flung tour of the homeland of Elsie the Cow, Dr. Seuss, Mary's little lamb, Jack Kerouac, Sojourner Truth and much, much more.

"Each Richie Davis byline illustrates an essential element of what makes him the special storyteller he is: an uncanny ability to uncover the magic hidden in everyday existence."

- Pat Ryan and Tim Hilchey, from foreword

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In Good Will & Ice Cream, self-taught fiddler David Kaynor magically weaves a sense of deep

community with his bow and heart, a recovering substance abuser becomes chauffeur, bodyguard and sometimes wrestling buddy for the Dalai Lama, and you're invited to take a front-row seat on a grand taste-testing tour of The Ice Cream parlors of Franklin County.

Come share time filmmaker Ken Burns, a minister and his wife who rescued hundreds of refugees from the Nazis, and saxophonist Paul Winter.

The second book of remarkable stories from 40-plus years of reporting is a celebration of community that offers a taste of global conflict transformation, a visit with classical music radio host Robert J. Lurtsema, hardscrabble old Yankees from the documentry 'Root Hog or Die,' and kids immersing themselves in ancient dances.

Evoking everything from Woody Guthrie to reflections at Auschwitz and "Grow Good Everywhere" farming, these and other true tales from 40 years of community journalism come alive in this lively collection.

"I love the book… What the book really brings home is how we are connected! It's just a great read.

— Bill Newman, WHMP

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Inner Landscapes introduces us to honest-to-goodness people with exceptional, local yet universal stories that matter for our times:

* An inner-city teen bonds with a 92-year-old Yankee farmer who’s always lived off the land.

* A married couple reunites after separation, ready to resume life together and renew vows, but then the horrors of Sept. 11, 2001 intervene.

* A lifelong polio victim, confined for decades with breathing aids, soars writing volumes of poetry.

  • * An African-American couple who deliberately simplify their lives to uphold strict values of non-violence and social equality ...
  • * A young Israeli-born 'soul listener' committed to being fully present to the struggles of the world in turmoil around him

* Two veteran folk musicians who come together in the aftermath of losing language and memory to rediscover the power of writing and sharing music.

This collection of award-winning feature articles features a three-part series exploring the nature of creativity and its connection with spirituality.

"It's a beautiful new book, and a moving book

... an extraordinary book."

- Bill Newman, WHMP

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