Delve Deeper: Stories Behind the Stories

As a lifelong journalist, I'm always thinking of ways to make more connections to foster further exploration. These are resources for my readers who want more information about some of the book's fascinating subjects.

I've included them here to pursue as you wish. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Let me know what you think

Carol Purington's Tanka:

Tanka Online

World Haiku Association

Richard Todd: Penguin Random House page

The Atlantic

Rob Ripley: While there are no easy online resources to point to for Rob Ripley, see Minnie Richardson entry below. Also, Michael Kline, who is mentioned in the article, is actively involved with his wife, Carrie Kline in using oral history and son to bridge the deepening cultural divides in society from their Talking Across the Lines base in West Virginia. It's important work, so I include it here.

Wally and Juanita Nelson: The Juanita Morrow Nelson and Wallace F. Nelson Papers, 1923-2015, part of the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, is the most exhaustive resource on the Nelsons, but it is not available online. Similarly, Woolman Hill Quaker Retreat Center in Deerfield, Mass. is home of the Nelson's cabin, which has been restored as a living memorial to this fascinating, committed couple..

Oral History (Juanita)

National War Tax Resistance Remembrance

African-American Registry (Wally)

Wikipedia (Juanita) and (Wally)

Lorre Wyatt:

A More Perfect Union

Appleseed Recordings

Elwood Babbitt:

Foundation for Intentional Community

University of Massachusetts Library Special Collections

The Free Dictionary

Quabbin and the Swift River Valley: Excerpt from Larry Hott's documentary, "The Old Quabbin Valley"

Swift River Valley Historical Society Museum

University of Massachusetts Duckert Oral History Collection

American Ancestors resource

Minnie Richardson: While there are no direct online resources I could find about Minnie Richardson, she does epitomize the close-to-the-soil Yankees who still were rooted to the land when I began writing in Franklin County wnd was among those featured in Rawn Fulton's excellent documentary, Root Hog or Die. I heartily recond this hour-long film, which Rawn made with Newbold Noyes, in 1973, and which Alan Lomax called, "“A significant contribution to American oral history.” The lifestyle of those Franklin County and nearby southern Vermont characters depicted, as well as of Rob Ripley, perhaps, is also carried on by people who work still the land here, like farming brothers Mark and David Duprey.

The film, which can be viewed using the above link or on Kanopy, possibly accessible free through your local lbrary. Also available through Digital Educational Resources, Root Hog or Die is a must-see for anyone who wants to truly understand this lifestyle.

Rami Efal and Zen Peacemakers: Zen Peacemakers International

Creative Studio

Just Labs

The Creative Landscape

Norton Juster: Reading Rockets Video interview

Penguin Random House Links

NPR links

Arnold Black: Music Theatre International

Barry Moser: Pennyroyal Press

R. Michelson Galleries

Jean-Claude van Itallie:

Primary Stages Oral History

Dale Schwarz and Guillermo Cuéllar: Center for Creative Consciousness


Good Will & Ice Cream

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David Amram:

Listen to ‘Symphonic Variations:

Documentary: David Amram: The First 80 Years

Root Hogor Die and Rawn Fulton:

See the film:

Blanche Moyse:

A rare interview with Blanche Moyse:

A tribute in the Christian Science Monitor: “Her Gestures Draw Emotions and Crowds”

The Cummington Story:

Watch the film:

David Kaynor:

See David Kaynor in action at John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina 2019:

May Day ! (1997) Thanks to Ray Sebold

Waitstill and Martha Sharp:

US Holocust Museum:

See the film:

Deborah Habib:

Ken Burns:

Paula Green:

Robert J. Lurtsema:

Listen to “The Beautiful Dawn Chorus”

“The World’s Gentlest Alarm Clock”:

Auschwitz Retreat:

Trailer for the film ‘In Spite of Darkness’

Morris Dancing:

Montague Farm and Liberation News Service:

Famous Long Ago Archive at University of Massachusetts

Tiny’s stupa:

Dairy farming:

Coverage of crisis in dairy farming:

Streeter’s Store:

Paul Winter:

See the blessing of the animals:

Ice Cream:

My coverage on ice cream was limited, but these are from a series I wrote about Greek yogurt.