Take their words for it…

"Your storytelling has been a treasure, weaving hope and community here in Franklin County for decades. Thank you for all you've done and all you continue to do!" — L.B.

“I loved having him interview me. He asked me things I didn’t even know the answers to yet.” — L.S.

“What a great job you did, Richie, interviewing three or four of our family’s elders and drawing them out to recall things we’d all forgotten. Even the youngest members attending were engaged in what turned out to be a hit of the reunion! And we captured those golden stories on a video, to boot! Thanks a million!” — C.L.

“You are always able to get to the essence of a story and make it come alive for the reader. — M.N.

“You remarkably captured his spirit and the essence of the work. I was moved by not only the focus of your piece, but your meaningful choice of words. … Again you succinctly captured and communicated meaning about this man. … In these times of media amplification of negatives and sensationalization, your writing transcends all that hoopla. It just affirms what really matters.” — K.S.

“You did an excellent job of putting it all together — the best I’ve ever read, and I understand very well how challenging so many bits and pieces from so many different voices this was, to produce a succinct whole . You have made it a coherent, outstanding story.” — G.G.

“You have watched our region with such a careful eye, and written our stories with panache and straightforwardness. … You get underneath stories to the challenges and the potential — then you shape the story in the real lives of local residents and farmers.” — A.C.

“You do stand out as a writer who is not only correct with the facts but writes with beautiful comprehensive sentences. No excess. Every word counts. What a joy!” — M.W.

“I was particularly impressed with your ability to listen well and capture X’s’ story. You managed to be both accurate and compassionate at the same time.” — E.C.

“It is one of the best and most understanding and intelligent articles I have read about my work. “ — B.M.

“Your writing style is so readable, with just the right mix of information and anecdote. — B.E.

“I appreciated the time you took to listen, research and weave the material together. You were able to strike a balance between information from the head and motivation for the heart.” — S.A.

“The articles are clear, organized and thoughtful. I appreciate your thoroughness and follow-through. I will clip your pieces as objective guidance for me and to remind me to step back and see the bigger picture. “ — M.B.

“You have been inspiring as a reporter, and as a great listener, careful observer and insightful commentator.” — J.L.

“We liked the way you wove together each person’s perspective and thoughts to create a clear, enlightening and inspiring piece of work. …Your articles offered readers new ways to think and act on their innate creativity.” — D.S. & G.C

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