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"Deeply personal, insightful, and thought-provoking stories ..."

- Adam Orth, Inner Landscapes foreword

"It's a beautiful new book, and a moving book ... an extraordinary book."

- Bill Newman, WHMP

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  • An inner-city teen bonds with a 92-year-old Yankee farmer who’s always lived off the land.
  • A married couple reunites after five years of separation, ready to resume life together and their renew vows. But Steve begins a new job at Windows on the World at the World Trade Center — the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.
  • A lifelong polio victim, confined for decades with breathing-aid devices, soars by writing volumes of poetry.
  • Nine artists, composers, architects and playwrights share ideas on the spiritual and healing dimensions and inspirations of creativity.

Meet the honest-to-goodness people who inhabit Inner Landscapes with local yet universal stories that matter for our times. It’s a brand new collection of true tales of extraordinary people gleaned from more than 40 years of enterprise feature writing in Western Massachusetts.

Inner Landscapes, newly published by Haley's, explores the lives of:

  • an African-American couple who deliberately simplify their lives to uphold strict values of non-violence and social equality ...
  • a young Israeli-born 'soul listener' committed to being fully present to the struggles of the world in turmoil around him …
  • a spiritualist medium who guides visitors in charting their past lives …
  • an author examining authenticity and reality itself, in a world where truth seems fleeting and the nature of "genuine" can be confusing ...
  • two veteran folk musicians who come together in the aftermath of losing language and memory to rediscover the power of writing and sharing music.

These affirming, down-to-earth stories of farmers, of thoughtful, hardscrabble women and men, of refugees from towns now under water, of people whose lives have been altered by dementia and newfound passions, were first told in the pages of The Recorder, the daily newspaper serving the most rural, most economically challenged region of Massachusetts — a place where honest traditions endure and the scale of life helps keep focus on what truly matters.

With stunning photography by Paul Franz, Inner Landscapes shows a beneath-the-surface glimpse of life off the beaten path. It's an intimate and engaging look at an unspoiled, fascinating slice of uncommon people who care for the land and each other.

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“I’ve really loved your book although I haven’t quite finished. I’m savoring it. It is so compelling and I love reading a bit of it at a time. I am so impressed with how you found people, certainly outside of my experience, that enlarged my understanding. People I might never have noticed. Survivors. You’ve written with sincerity, acceptance and humanity.” -c.l.

"I love your book! Your voice and the stories you tell are wonderful. Your writing is so compelling that even if I didn’t know the people and places - I would feel like I was there at that farm, there listening to that poem and there - singing with Pete Seeger." - b.p.

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The Stories About ... and Beyond ... Inner Landscapes

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Carol Anne Purington

Carol Anne Purington
Carol Anne Purington

It is with regret that we announce the passing of Carol Anne Purington ('Words As Wings').

May her name be a blessing.

Colrain, Mass. - Carol Anne Purington of Colrain passed away on December 8, 2020 at home with family by her side after a period of declining health. She was 71 years old. Carol was born on November 16, 1949, in the house on Woodslawn Farm in Colrain, Massachusetts where she lived for almost...

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A reading from "The Creative Landscape," a three-part exploration of creativity in the book. Courtesy of Local Arts Valley Arts (LAVA)

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