Good Will & Ice Cream

A can't-put-it-down treat!

“There are a lot of terrible things about working as a small-town journalist: the pay is lousy, your boss may be a son of a bitch, and some days, it seems like everyone just has a complaint about the paper. But when it’s fun, any reporter will tell you, there’s no better way to make a living. Richie has had a lot of fun over the years, and I think you’ll share his joy with this collection. Now…get reading!” – B.J. Roche


"I love the book… What the book really brings home is how we are connected ! It's just a great read.

— Bill Newman, WHMP

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Come share time with the Dalai Lama, filmmaker Ken Burns, the minister and his wife who rescued hundreds of refugees from the Nazis, and fiddle master David Kaynor … along with Conflict Transformation Across Cultures, classical host Robert J. Lurtsema, hardscrabble old Yankees from the documentry 'Root Hog or Die,' and kids immersing themselves in ancient dances... These and more true tales from 40 years of community journalism come alive in this lively new collection that picks off where

Inner Landscapes leaves off .

"Your book of recent Franklin County history takes its place on my personal library shelves where my kids and grandkids will find old-time tales about 'my' culture here, at this time in our creative generation’s lives. ...The stories sparked my memories of other characters, places, events that could have happened only here." - t.t.

From evoking everything from Woody Guthrie to reflections at Auschwitz,

from 'Famous Long Ago' to "Grow Gardens Everywhere,'

the true tales of Good Will & Ice Cream sing of heroes and ordinary people,

strangers and families ... all in a powerful celebration of community.

"Richie Davis tells stories—and for nearly forty-three years, he’s

told stories about the people and places of Franklin County.

He has been their champion."

– Denny Wilkins in Inner Landscapes.

The Montague Reporter 6 August 2021

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